An Experience to Witness for Yourselves

     There has never been a band with the unique kind of energy that Nothing More has during a stage performance. Every time they put on a show, the fans always give that energy right back to the band. Fans can be audibly singing every word of every song during the whole performance. It’s a wonder how the band can even hear themselves! It is an experience that no one should miss out on!

     The band has been giving 110 percent to each and every performance since 2003. From Jonny Hawkins transforming from a drummer into the vocalist all Nothing More fans know and love, to acquiring the former drummer from Letters From the Fire, and constantly working to perfect their sound and stage shows, Nothing More had always been destined to hold their own in the music industry. After just over ten years of working to make a name for themselves, they finally hit the big time in 2014 and have not stopped working to keep the momentum going since then.

     Never failing to produce anything short of an adrenaline rush, these guys keep everybody on their toes at all times. Nothing More produces a feeling of intensive energy that could power the whole planet. Hawkins takes power vocals to a whole new level. His voice leaves you with a completely new perspective on the feeling of Euphoria. Whether he is belting with the prowess of a lion or screaming like an incubus, he has the fans completely hooked from the first note. Every ounce of emotion that he pours into the words and radiates from his soul can be felt from the back of the venue. The deep connection that Nothing More’s music makes with the audience is so powerful that even highly established musicians have a hard time drawing such a massively dedicated fan base the way Nothing More does.

     Their uniquely created instrumental pieces, which include The Bassinator and The Scorpion Tail, add a very special and unique element to their stage shows. The Bassinator typically is played by lead singer Jonny Hawkins, lead guitarist Mark Vollelunga, and bass guitarist Daniel Oliver, while drummer Ben Anderson remains behind his drum kit. Watching them pluck away at The Bassinator is one of the most insane and badass moments to experience. In conjunction with The Bassinator, Hawkins, Vollelunga, and Oliver hop off of The Bassinator to play in unison with Anderson for an amazing drummer’s showcase!

     The Scorpion Tail has been used in more recent shows by Hawkins as part of a cover of “First of the Year” by Skrillex, and is accompanied by its own cordless microphone. Not to give too much away to those of you who have never seen these guys live, but you do not have to be a Skrillex fan to fall in love with their rendition of the tune. Oliver has a major background in welding, which was very crucial in the development of The Bassinator and The Scorpion Tail. Unique instrumental work aside, Nothing More never disappoints with their ability to leave you craving another truly unforgettable concert experience.

     Not only do these guys have one of the best stage shows of all time, they are some of the nicest people on the planet! The fact that they are willing to make extra effort and time for their fans, where it is not generally expected, is one of the greatest aspects of who they are as people and not just as a band. They make their fans feel like a part of their family. They greet fans like an old friend, even if it is their first Nothing More concert experience. Their stage shows and their love for their fans is a beautiful gift to this world, and not something to be taken for granted. Nothing More is a band that so many will always look forward to seeing again and again! These guys are a huge part of the reason why rock and metal will always live on.

         On June 23rd, the first single off of their upcoming release The Stories We Tell Ourselves called “Go to War” will be released. They have included a few songs from the upcoming record in more recent shows. The general public will be able to pick up the full album in September.