A Rockin' Way to Start a Tour

     Bobaflex headlined a sold out show at the Alrosa Villa on February 24th with BlackWater, Fullborn, Scars Like Mine, and Grindhouse as their supporting acts. The entire night was a blast, from beginning to end.

     BlackWater opened the night of music with an awesome set. They have more of an alternative vibe than I would’ve expected for a band opening for Bobaflex, but they were definitely worth seeing. Fullborn was the exact opposite of BlackWater, pumping out heavy metal riffs and brutal vocals. I had never heard either band’s music until that night. Both bands were fantastic. I loved being able to go from bobbing my head a little bit to hardcore head banging.

     That night was also my first time seeing Scars Like Mine play live. Scars Like Mine brought their all to the stage. JoeBob is by far one of the best bassists I’ve ever heard play live. He puts many legendary bass players to shame, shredding the bass guitar like no other bass player in the world. No wonder he’s so well known in the Columbus scene for his talent! Jake Cary is an incredibly gifted vocalist and performer. I was enjoying watching and listening to every note and word that he sang. His stage presence is powerful and demands attention. Scars Like Mine even included a cover of “If You Could Only See” by Tonic. Cover songs can sometimes be a touchy subject for hard core music fans, but I was definitely digging Scars Like Mine’s heavier take on the classic 90’s alternative tune.

     Grindhouse introduced a new song called “Zodiac”. The new material sounded amazing live! The steam punk decorated musicians have made their mark in the Columbus scene, and they keep proving that they’ve earned it. The boys had a stellar set and were the perfect direct supporting act for Bobaflex! I fall more in love with Grindhouse every time I see them play.

     Bobaflex’s set brought down the house. They killed their performance, as always. Shaun and Marty McCoy know how to rile up a crowd, making the mic a slave to their amazing vocal talent. From the first song “Start A War”, the entire audience was rockin’ out. For those who were not in attendance at Blitzmas 2016 or Bobaflex’s single listening late last year, Bobaflex played their cover of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You” to a very positive response from the audience. They just have a way of making cover songs cool and refreshing, like a nice, tall glass of lemonade. This was my sixth time seeing Bobaflex live, and I loved every second of it! Being able to watch their live shows always gives me goosebumps and a sense of joy.

     The night was amazing, to say the least. Every band played a great set, and I recommend all five bands to anyone who hasn’t had a chance to hear their music or see the bands play a live show. The first night of “The Black Sheep Tour” was a wonderful way to kick things off, for the gentlemen from Bobaflex.