Avatar Headlines Last Show at Glass City Event Center

     One of the most unique performing acts of our time had the chance to help the city of Lancaster, Ohio commemorate the good times that Glass City Event Center, formerly known as Mickey's Bar and Grill, brought to Lancaster by headlining the last show that Glass City would ever host. Avatar had 8lb Pressure, Dread Engine, and Grindhouse opening for them that night. The night was filled with good music and a bittersweet goodbye to one of my favorite concert venues. I have high hopes that Mickey Eaton will have another fantastic place for musical entertainment open, again and soon.

     My night started off with Dread Engine. I've been following these guys since Summit for Soldiers, this past January. I've been a hardcore fan since, and they've never disappointed me. The night of the Avatar show was no exception. From Tommy Sartin's insanely amazing guitar playing, to Rick Kaercher's incredible ability to deliver growls and screams from such a tiny person, Sam Stockdale delivering powerhouse vocals that can send chills throughout your whole body, in the best way, and every aspect of Dread Engine's instrumentals, these guys know how to rock your body in a way Justin Timberlake would be jealous of them for being able to do without even trying. I loved how, as with every show these guys perform, Sam interacted with the audience in a way where he kept you reeled into the band's set. He showed, as he always does, how much he truly appreciates his fans. Sam even interacted with the audience throughout the entire night when Dread Engine wasn't playing. He got up on the railing, here and there, to help keep the audience pumped for the other bands, when he wasn't talking to people at Dread Engine's merch booth. When Dread Engine performed that night, the guys sounded as if they owned the stage they were playing on, as usual. I've always loved that about them. I can't wait for more Dread Engine shows.

     Then it was 8lb Pressure's turn to rock your socks off with some prog metal. 8lb Pressure is another band that I've been following for some time now. I've never been disappointed by their performances either. These guys deliver in every way possible. For those of you who have never seen 8lb Pressure, Brandon Seymour delivered a powerful vocal performance, not only for the band's songs but for the cover tunes that they put on their setlist. They covered a System of a Down tune that night. I was not expecting the cover, but I was blown away by how well Brandon sang it. System of a Down is one of those bands that many people believe cannot be touched, but 8lb Pressure did justice with the song. 8lb Pressure also covered a Killswitch Engage tune. The tune is one that I've seen covered by 8lb often. They always nail it, and they did just that at the Avatar show. It's always a pleasure to see 8lb Pressure live, and I look forward to seeing them again.

     Finally, it was the set that we all were anticipating the most. Avatar's stage setup was very colorful and eye-catching. I love how they had the stage made to look like you were attending the circus. I've had good and bad experiences with the circus, but this circus was definitely worth watching the animals that came out to entertain us. When I say animals, that is the best description of the members of Avatar because they are savage performers, vocally, instrumentally, and then some. Their stage presence, as performers, is one of the most hypnotizing spectacles I've ever had the pleasure to watch. Their movements and sound takes you to a place where you want to be a part of the magic on the stage with them. You wanna move like an animal while you're partying like one because you become that drawn into Avatar's set. I love how I could hear almost everyone singing along, when Avatar played their most recent hit single "The Eagle Has Landed". Even newer Avatar fans were vocally engaged with the band, and that moment was beautiful. I am looking forward to Avatar coming back to Ohio. September 16th was an incredible night.

     Even though Glass City Event Center is no longer operating, Mickey Eaton's concert hall could not have gone out with a better group of bands. Even Ronni Hunter and J.H. Nuber from 99.7 The Blitz and Jymmy Tolland from Bobaflex came out to help us support one last stellar concert at Glass City. As sad as I am to have said goodbye to Glass City Event Center, I could not have been more proud to have helped make beautiful memories with other fans that came to Lancaster for the show. I will forever remember that night, and it will be one of my favorite shows for years to come.