Bobaflex Strikes Again

     Considering that the Bucyrus, Ohio concert at Dillinger's Entertainment Center was the last show of their Fall Tour with Shallow Side, the Bobaflex camp had to be ready for some time off from hitting the road. I'm certain that the same could be said for Shallow Side, even though there were no visible signs of exhaustion from the bands that night. The show, which occurred on Saturday October 22, 2016, also included a performance  from Columbus, Ohio's Grindhouse. Bobaflex could not have ended their Fall Tour on a better note.

     We started our night with Grindhouse. Typically, I don't care that much for them. However, I have to tip my hat to those guys because they put on one heck of a show that night! They played a similar setlist to the ones at previous concerts. They wore their steam punk attire with an array of black, red, and white make up. The instrumentals have always been very solid. What I felt was different about this show, compared to other shows, was that David Adams had great vocal control, and I found it easy to understand the words he was singing. The vocal quality definitely matched the quality of the rest of the performance. Grindhouse, in my opinion, put on a solid performance that drew the crowd in.

     Right after Grindhouse was Shallow Side's performance. Shallow Side is a band that I had never seen live before. When I had the chance to chat with Seth Trimble earlier in the evening, I was already getting pumped for Shallow Side's set. From the beginning of the first song, they played with intense passion and a stage presence that demanded respect, which they rightfully earned. The Alabama natives played like their lives depended on music. They had briefly explained that passion to the audience, talking about how the part of the country they grew up in was very much anti Rock n' Roll. Eric Boathouse lead the group with vocals that, alone, spoke of every desire they had to earn their place in the industry. Every song was, obviously, handcrafted as an outreach to listeners that have that same passion for music. Once they started playing their hit single "Rebel", almost everybody sang along because they knew the song due to its airplay on rock radio. Shallow Side was just the appropriate band for getting the concert attendees pumped for Bobaflex's set.

     Speaking of Bobaflex, they typically put on performances to be reckoned with, and October 22nd was not different. Aside from having some minor difficulties with the sound system at first, the set was fantastic. Bobaflex started their set with "Start a War". Shaun McCoy had the crowd going from the first word. Shaun sang lead vocals through the first three songs, with his brother, Marty, on rhythm guitar. Dave Tipple brought the major fuel to the instrumentals with his always stellar lead guitar. Tipple was more interactive with the fans than usual, making some goofy faces at some of the girls in the audience, including myself. Jymmy Tolland had most of his face covered by his long, curly hair, but put his entire soul into his bass guitar. Tommy Johnson had his stuffed Octopus set up between the two drumheads, which had Marijuana leaves on them, which I kind of got a kick out of. It made the stage set up a very personal and unique one, for sure.

     After Marty and Shaun McCoy switched places, Marty lead the pack through the next few songs. Marty got very intimate with the fans that were up front, got up on the railings at the front of the stage, and sang into the crowd. He did this on and off throughout the night, when he was at the mic, more so than usual. Marty kept the crowd going, then Shaun and Marty switched back, again. They did this two more times, throughout the night, and continuing to keep the fans on their toes. Neither one of them lost their passion, drive, or vocal control. Tipple, Tolland, and Johnson helped hold down the fort, throughout the night, with the main instrumentals, alongside the McCoy brothers switching back and forth between rhythm guitar and vocals. Tipple and Tolland provided solid back up vocals throughout the set. Marty McCoy convinced the security guard to pull back towards the back of the stage and let him get closer to the fans, asking us to keep ourselves behind the first step up to the front of the stage. Bobaflex was still able to finish out the set with "Bury Me with My Guns On" with Marty on lead vocals with no issues keeping the fans excited and singing along.

     The night was filled with amazing performances and an incredible discovery of a band I had never seen live before. I can't wait to see Bobaflex bring it their all at Blitzmas 2016. I have never once been disappointed with a Bobaflex performance, and don't see a day in time when I ever will be.