Frank Iero and the Gift of Life

     As an avid concertgoer, there are some moments when I look back on my life and wish I had a chance to see certain bands play live that are no longer together. My Chemical Romance is one of those bands. So, when I found out that I was going to be seeing Frank Iero and the Patience, you can probably just imagine me nearly catapulting myself off of a computer chair to mindlessly perform a happy dance. Only one thing stopped me from doing so: I live upstairs in my apartment complex. Instead, I just did a happy dance in the chair. That’s sufficient enough, right? 


   Fast forward to the night of April 25th: Standing in line for the A&R Music Bar, that’s when it fully dawned on me that I would be seeing one of my biggest inspirations. During Frank’s My Chemical Romance days, their music was a huge source of sanity for me. They helped me get through a lot of rough times when I was growing up, as I know they did for many others. Honestly, their music still does. I’ve been following what Frank Iero has been doing since then. I knew that the show was going to be a wonderful time. Frank Iero and the Patience brought Dave Hause and the Mermaid on board as their opening act. Dave Hause and the Mermaid added to the awesomeness of the show.


  Dave Hause and the Mermaid killed it! They had the place on its toes. Even just the fact that they can incorporate a wind piano and an electric ukulele into their music is pretty much a blatant sign that they are very uniquely gifted and creative. The band’s energy was intense, and the set sounded amazing in every way. They made every effort to keep the audience engaged in their set, including when Dave Hause addressed the audience and reminded us that our youth should never deter us from our dreams. He reminded us that we are important and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves. To see a performer go out of their way to show their audience the importance of their existence in this world is always a beautiful thing.

     When Frank Iero and the Patience got on stage for their set, the crowd went nuts! Frank and the boys started off strong. Frank’s perfectly executed vocals, the band’s undeniable passion and energy, and the excitement of the crowd kept the night alive. To see so many young people enjoying themselves was wonderful. Part way through the set, they had somewhat of a mosh pit going. The audience was fully alive in the venue, and I could feel their energy. I refused to join the mosh pit, but I was just as excited to hear the incredible set from Frank Iero and the Patience. I could feel the connection through the way they performed and the words in every song. I was nearly in tears because the words just hit so close to home for me, but more so because of the way Frank sang those words on stage. I was back at doing the good old happy dance that I did in my chair at home. Thankfully, I got to do a full version of it since it was in the appropriate environment.

     Frank took some time in between songs to crack jokes with the audience and interact with them. He talked a little bit about how grateful they were to be able to continue doing what they love. After miraculously avoiding fatal injuries in a road accident late last year and getting back out on the road to play music for their fans a few months later, Frank Iero and the Patience have powered through some crazy times to bring the gift of music to their fans. This is in spite of nearly having that opportunity yanked away from them in the blink of an eye. It was awesome to see Frank and company in good spirits and enjoying playing for their fans. I encourage you guys to go see Frank Iero and the Patience, when you have the chance. Not only is the show amazing, the way they connect with their audiences is so magnetic. They may not be My Chemical Romance, but they tug at your heart-strings and what they talk about in their music reminds you why being alive is one of the greatest gifts of all.