Fully Alive in the Venue

     Lacey Sturm headlined a show in Columbus, Ohio at the Basement, the night of January 31st, 2017. Her performance got pushed back due to her son having to be rushed to the ER for a concussion. Luckily, the injury was not severe enough to keep Lacey Sturm from being able to perform her set. Darling Jameson was gracious enough to play some acoustic tunes, as the audience and supporting acts alike awaited the arrival of Lacey Sturm. Along with Stitched Up Heart and the unexpected acoustic performance, Letters From the Fire and Palisades rounded out the night of incredible talent.

     Letters From the Fire (LFTF) kicked the night off. To say Alexa Kabezie has killer vocals is an understatement. She can take a song and turn it into a spiritual journey. She speaks to your soul when she channels her energy on stage. The entire band gives off tons of energy when they perform. They pour their hearts out on stage, and it’s very much visible in their stage presence. Alexa made it a point to have direct contact with fans that were up front for the set. Nothing short of amazing, LFTF’s opening set made for a very hard follow up. Regardless, the rest of the night was filled with amazing performances.

     Stitched Up Heart made their way on stage and followed up the intense performance of LFTF as if they were picking up where LFTF left off. Stitched Up Heart not only packed a punch to the eardrums of all who were in the audience, their lead vocalist Mixi Demner proved that she can scream like a siren and hypnotizes your soul with the intensity of her emotionally driven vocal style. Mixi sang with the fans up front, and the band ended their set with her crowd surfing during part of the last song. The fans got a solid interactive experience along with a killer set.

     Palisades had a very uplifting and energy filled set. Their music had a tempo that is all too perfect for starting a dance party. Nearly every foot was off the ground. The beat was seriously infectious and Louis Miceli had the flow of a rap god. I almost forgot he was actually singing, for a moment. Palisades had the most diverse music style of the night. With hip hop, electronic, and hard rock elements infused into their style in a way I had never heard before, I was mesmerized by Palisades from beginning to end. They are definitely one of my new favorite bands!

     Darling Jameson was escorted by Mixi on to the stage. Darling played some acoustic tunes as a way to pass the time, while Lacey Sturm was finishing up at the ER with her son. With Darling being the girlfriend of Randy Mathias from Stitched Up Heart, it made sense for her to come on to play for a bit. As soon as Darling starting playing, it was obvious that she is a stellar performer. She could convey pure emotion while emulating the voice of a Nightingale. She even managed to accomplish a mind blowing rendition of “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana. One of my personal favorites was her cover of “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show. With the three previous performances being very high energy, having an acoustic set was a nice change of pace. The unexpected addition to the music lineup was very much enjoyable.

     As soon as Lacey Sturm finally made it back to get on stage, the crowd went wild. She got into mild detail about what happened to her son earlier on in the evening. She expressed gratitude for the patience and prayers from the audience members. Occasionally, she would stop in the middle of the set and talk about her love for God and even talked about her experience with depression, in her youth. During her set, she mixed in some classic Flyleaf songs into her set such as “Cassie”, “All Around Me”, and “I’m So Sick”. She ended her set with a medley of tunes, which started with “I’m So Sick” and ended with a cover of “Forever” by Kari Jobe. Lacey has such a huge voice coming from a very tiny body. Every note that she sings or screams is so overwhelming in comparison to her size; however, she is a mighty force to be reckoned with. Her stage moves add to just how “big” her performance is. She takes over your ears with the power and intensity that she uses to draw you in. Her performance made the unexpected wait worth our while.

     It was a wonderful night filled with amazing music and many reasons to be thankful for being alive. Every band on the bill possesses an insane amount of talent and love for their fans. I would see all of the bands again, a million times over.