Local Bands Play Fundraiser Event

     Bethel Road Pub was the place to be on March 18, 2017. Licking County Metal Heads (LCMH) held a fundraiser event to raise funds for equipment upgrades to continue to help support the Columbus hard rock and metal scene. LMCH is based out of Newark, Ohio and was founded by Roy Alexander. Founding member Roy Alexander and Operations Manager Monte Brown team up with countless volunteers that include local photographers, musicians, and fellow metal heads to come together and spread awareness of underground music that is also based out of Columbus, Ohio. LCMH provides their own photography and videography services for local bands to utilize as promotional tools for getting their name and music recognized by local hard rock and metal fans.

     LCMH also helps expose local bands by sponsoring and organizing concert events and booking Columbus based bands to play them. The fundraiser event held on March 18th was one of the most important events for LCMH to help continue their mission to expose and promote local underground hard rock and metal music. LCMH received donations from local music publications and bands to include in a series of raffle drawings, which were held throughout the night. The big prize of the night was an acoustic guitar, which was signed by all five members of Bobaflex. The raffle drawings helped LCMH successfully raise the funds that they needed.

     LCMH has garnered a huge network of supporters who came out to celebrate the hard work and dedication that they put into the Columbus music scene. Many local supporters of LCMH helped to organize the fundraiser and promote the event itself. Electric Perception Magazine had a chance to help LCMH get the word out about the fundraiser and provide photo coverage for the event. Even our very own Lauren Rankin scored a couple of raffle items for herself.

     The performances from the Columbus bands that graced the stage that night truly showcased the amazing talent that hails from Columbus, and the bands helped make the night a huge success! Seven For Eden (SFE) started off the night with their set. When it comes to cover bands, SFE is most definitely a unique band to watch. From Bruno Mars to Meghan Trainor to Nirvana and more … SFE can make any song they cover turn into pure Metal. They are a unique way to enjoy and appreciate a wide variety of genres with a metal spin.

     The band Cryptic features former DJ from 99.7 the Blitz rock station, Andrew Kimball, on the drums. Cryptic always puts on a killer show, and I really enjoy their sets. They played a new song, the night of the LCMH fundraiser. As expected, the song was amazing. Cryptic is definitely a solid group of talented dudes to see live.

     March 18th was my first time seeing Secluded Fire. Their old school vibe is just awesome and knocks your socks off. Their cover of “Take Me Down” by The Pretty Reckless was a wonderful treat to hear.

     Ironhead Inc. is by far one of my favorite local bands. They are just incredible, in every way humanly possible. Words cannot describe my excitement for when I saw them on the bill for the LCMH fundraiser show! I had lots of fun watching them cut up and have a good time playing their set.

     March 18th was also my first time seeing Everlasting God Stopper (EGS) play live. They definitely put on a great set. Their unique blend of musical elements makes their brand of metal worth your while. It helps that EGS vocalist Charlie B Koyote has a positively impressionable Mohawk.


     Headliners The Lost Boyz are one of the most unique alternative rock bands out there. They helped bring the LCMH show to a close with their “Vampire Way” to rock. From their make-up to their infectious riffs, The Lost Boyz digs their musical fangs into your senses with their performances. March 18th was nothing different.

     Licking County Metal Heads brought on a high quality group of bands to help make their fundraiser event a success. I encourage anybody who loves hard rock and metal to check out all of the bands that played the LCMH fundraiser event. I also encourage you to get connected with Licking County Metals Heads. Roy and Monte are every bit the dedicated dream team to bring awareness of the amazing talent that hails from Columbus, Ohio, and hanging out with them and watching the bands that they help promote and expose is always guaranteed to be a great time!