Nothing Qiet about This Show

Walking into Rumba Café on a Saturday night, I was definitely not expecting such a small space to encompass such a huge show. When I say huge, I mean that the performing acts of the night were bands that I would have expected to be performing on a bigger stage, physically speaking. The acoustics in the venue definitely fit the space though.

Morning Theft, Qiet, and ElectroCult Circus played Rumba Café in Columbus, Ohio on January 14, 2017. Morning Theft opened the show. Morning Theft is an alternative rock band from Columbus. It somewhat reminded me of going to an Aretha Franklin concert. The music had a strong jazz vibe.  Jenelle Rowland came pounding in with vocals that could have taken the roof off of the building. Despite a few technical difficulties throughout the set, Morning Theft made improvising seem effortless. Until it was mentioned to me and a few fans that there were any technical issues, no one had any knowledge of them. One of the key characteristics of a high quality performing band is to act like everything's going without a hitch. The instrumentals were very simple yet powerful, adding to the stunning vocals from Rowland.

Qiet played their set next. Their music was a throwback to the big band era. Several of their fans got out onto the floor and danced throughout the set. The fans were thoroughly enjoying themselves and making the most out of the mood. Qiet was definitely not quiet and made you want to groove. It was definitely a nice change of pace from concerts I’m used to seeing.

ElectroCult Circus had a similar musical style, but their music was infused with a grunge era alternative musical style. It was very interesting to see how a band took big band and grunge music, and then put the two styles together. ElectroCult Circus had people dancing to their set, just like Qiet did. They made the night nothing short of interesting.

Qiet and ElectroCult Circus had a decent amount of members per band and made do with the amount of space they had for their musical style and band member count. The night was young and the mood was upbeat and fun. Morning Theft, Qiet, and Electrocult Circus are bands that I definitely would see again. It was a nice change from the hard rock and metal concerts I would normally go to see.