Nothing More Than Genius

     I had been waiting for over a year to see Nothing More in concert. My appreciation for their music has always been more than just Jonny Hawkins’ abs. That’s just a bonus. Their song “I’ll Be Okay” had.....


     Twelve Foot Ninja were a very nice change of pace.  They had a very unique vibe to their music and their mosh pit. They actually had the audience members in the mosh pit playing Ninja! That’s one of the neatest things I’ve ever experienced! Twelve Foot Ninja started off and ended out strong, vocally and instrumentally.

     When Nothing More hit the stage, they definitely delivered! Jonny’s onstage antics are risky, but definitely added to the performance.  I can’t tell you how many times I thought I’d have to catch him from falling into the pit. I admire him for adding to the entertainment, though. Even though the sound system was still acting up, a little bit, Nothing More had the crowd going wild! You could tell Jonny had as much of an adrenaline rush as the crowd did. Throughout the night, Jonny got close to the fans that were up front, and he interacted with them quite a bit.

     Since I was at the very front, I could tell that the Nothing More guys were giving it their all. Jonny’s vocals were stellar, and Mark Vollelunga, Daniel Oliver, and Ben Anderson played some of the best instrumentals I had ever seen live. They had there instrumental addition, called the Bassinator, which Jonny, Mark, and Daniel all played on about half way through the set. The Bassinator was attached to a mic stand, as its foundation piece. Daniel is known for being a welder by trade, and he definitely knew what he was doing when he helped put the Bassinator together. Jonny’s drum set was, also, one of the coolest stage props I’d ever seen, used in a live performance. Jonny could definitely still play his heart out on the drums, and it helps that he started off as Nothing More’s drummer. When he and Ben performed their drum duet, it was incredible!

     The band’s entire set was a site to behold, and their overall performance was superb even though they still had some trouble with the sound system. I can’t wait to see them in concert, again! I have never seen a performance quite like that of Nothing More. The best word that I have to describe their set is genius, and that is an understatement.