One Engine by Design

     As if Dread Engine was not brilliant enough, they took Columbus, Ohio by the devil horns and made their second album “Deception by Design” one of the greatest albums of all time. “Deception by Design” follows up their self-titled album with a greater expansion on a raw and intensive energy that only Dread Engine can give off.  “Depersonalize” is a purely industrial metal piece that catapults the band to a whole different level of awesome! It gives you a different kind of feeling that bands like Nine Inch Nails cannot touch. “As Good As You Say” showcases a different side of Rick Kaercher’s vocal abilities. Rick breaks away from his standard screamo vocals to showcase his ability to break it down in a spoken word like style of rap that lyrically and stylistically adds a personal touch to the tune, overall.


Along with a touch of industrial metal to the album, “Deception by Design” has a slightly more grunge vibe throughout certain parts of the album, than you’d expect from Dread Engine. It definitely helps showcase a wider range of what the band can do. To add to their already powerful musical prowess, Dread Engine gave guitarist Jake Spears a turn on lead vocals for “Escape” and showed their fans a much softer and melodic side of the band. Jake stuns and awes with his voice. He “speaks to you” in such a way that tugs at your heart-strings and touches your soul in a way not experienced with the previous record. “Escape” was definitely a brilliant way to cap off the album. I’m already excited for album number three!



 Dread Engine celebrated the release of “Deception by Design” with “A Dreadful Night of Chaos” that was held at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus on April 8, 2017.Members of The Lost Boyz, Citizens Brigade, Grindhouse, Ironhead Inc, Secluded Fire, and more were amongst the local musicians that joined fans to celebrate with Dread Engine. The bands that joined Dread Engine on the bill for the show were Chase Beaire, the Tom Cline Project, The World I Knew, 8lb Pressure, Scars Like Mine featuring guest vocalists, and surprise guest band Strikken. Tantalizing Tigers’ Krystan Pencil performed an array of stunts using hula hoops and batons, which were lit on fire as a part of the act. She stunned and amazed with how precise and carefully crafted her moves were.


     Chase Beaire opened the night with his incredible one man stage act. Anybody who has ever heard or seen Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour play solo acoustic shows knows it’s hard to out play Corey, but Chase comes pretty close. Chase has a voice full of soul and power, and he makes his guitar a slave to his unique and raw talent. He commands attention in such a simple yet powerful way. For a gentleman so young, he exudes a gift so pure that even the most seasoned metalhead can’t help but to notice what this young man can do. Seeing Chase perform is always an honor!

     The Tom Cline Project brilliantly incorporates a solid country twang to their brand of rock n’ roll. Tom Cline is a regular and long running member of the local scene, and seeing his band play in celebration of the release of “Deception by Design” proves that he’s still in it for the long haul. Tom took some time throughout the set to cut up and connect with the crowd. Tom’s on stage humor and stories are his trademark moments for his stage act, and any die hard Tom Cline fan would not have it any other way.  He incorporates his unique sense of humor into every stage show that he does, whether it’s with the Tom Cline Project or Acoustic Mayhem. The Tom Cline Project added to the mellow atmosphere that preceded the calm before the metal storm.

     The World I Knew hails from Cincinnati. They are amazing live! Their infusion of metalcore and hip hop had the Alrosa Villa filled with a major burst of energy. The flow and the beats were infectious! It’s always nice to see hip hop elements incorporated into the music from metal bands. This was my first time seeing them live, and I have to say that I loved their set.

     8lb Pressure is always amazing live. They threw in a twist of country to start off the night. The members were all dressed in plaid, and drummer Brian Kuhn sported a cowboy hat. It’s not standard apparel for the band as a whole, but it added a nice touch to their stage performance. When they performed their cover of Twenty One Pilots “Heathens”, it took a moment for me to recognize it because I had never heard the cover before April 8th, but they did a very good job with it. I always enjoy their classic tunes, and they did amazing during their set. They always rock hard on stage.

     After the departure of their previous vocalist, Scars Like Mine were able to bring guest vocalists Sam Stockdale and Rick Kaercher from Dread Engine, Davey Bee from As the Smoke Clears and Monkey Punch, Brandon Seymour from 8lb Pressure, and Chris Roberts to help round out their set for the night. Each guest vocalist put their own unique spin on Scars Like Mine’s tunes and rocked the Alrosa Villa. Since Scars Like Mine is currently sans a vocalist, seeing other locals come together to help Scars Like Mine carry on with their appearance at Dread Engine’s CD release was a really awesome experience.

     Strikken was the surprise guest band that was set to play the Dread Engine CD release party. Over a half of a year after Strikken officially disbanded, they reunited for a one off set to celebrate the release of Dread Engine’s “Deception by Design”. With Dread Engine’s current bassist Johnathan Collins having formerly played bass guitar for Strikken, it only made sense for Strikken to play as direct support that night. Strikken gave a powerful performance. They reminded me of why I miss them playing together. It was a bittersweet but joyful moment for me.

     Dread Engine always impresses with their stage performances. The general public has heard “Heart Of the Locust” live during previous shows, but other new material from “Deception by Design” being revealed live just further proved that the new album was well worth the wait! Dread Engine commanded the stage, as expected. They moved the crowd with their new material and proved that they can only go up. They nailed their performance and turned the Alrosa Villa into their stomping ground. They even brought up all of the local musicians that attended the event for an encore performance of “Coward” from their first album! Seeing the Columbus scene come together in support of Dread Engine gave me chills and reminded me of why I support the scene. The night could not have ended on a more upbeat note. I can only hope that their next CD release is as much of a good time as this one was.