Treehouse Rock with Pröwess

     The building is set up much like a treehouse. As you walk into the Tree Bar, you continue to feel the treehouse vibe. The inside of the building is made mainly out of wooden materials. The counter where you get your drinks makes you want to go back behind the counter and pretend to be a chef for your stuffed animal collection. My inner child was fascinated with the interior of the building. The bar area is set up with tall, round pub tables and bar stools that make the place feel like you simultaneously walked into a diner. The walls in the bar area were covered in band posters, and there was an old, hand painted guitar hanging up by the tables that had flowers covering the right side. The wall décor definitely helped with the unique vibe of the place.

     There’s a little room on the right hand side and at the back of the building. That’s where the magic happens on the night of a show. There’s a wall, just as you walk in, covered with stickers for a multitude of bands and an array of miscellaneous people and ideas. There’s a tree stump almost right in the middle of the room, which can serve as a nice platform for a performer to use as a stage performance enhancer. Prowess most definitely took advantage of it. On the night of February 9th, Prowess performed in that very room. Wilted American Romance opened the show.

     Wilted American Romance most definitely is a band that is loud and proud. They rocked the stage with a nice eclectic mix of old school rock n’ roll and smooth, rhythmic instrumentals. Comprised of only three members, the band made a big sound for a small lineup. The sounds of the band playing their music filled the building very quickly. You could hear every word as it was sung, every note as it was strummed, and every beat as the drums were hit. You could leave the room to grab a drink and still hear the band, crystal clear. You could be in the next room and dance to the beat. Wilted American Romance is an upbeat, fun group of guys that you just know that they love what they do.

     The fun continued into Pröwess’ set. You could tell that these guys are destined for greatness. Prowess set the stage for a solid, classic rock n’ roll show. Dalton Bowes definitely knows how to make an impression as a vocalist. The tree stump in the middle of the room was his greatest ally, aside from his bandmates, making his stage presence undeniably synonymous with that of a rock n’ roll legend. He wailed his heart out and made the tree stump his own. His stage movements captured everyone’s attention.

     During the set, the lights and sound unexpectedly went out for a short period of time; however, Pröwess refused to let that damper the mood of the night. Luckily, the band was able to play normally after just a few minutes. They played like nothing had ever happened, after a few jokes were made between Pröwess and the audience about going acoustic for a bit. During the performance, Pröwess brought Tommy Sartin from Dread Engine and Matt Starr from Roxy Mae on stage to play guitar. Each of the gentlemen provided guest instrumentals for one song.

     The instrumentalists of Pröwess are immensely talented and good humored, as is Bowes. They each put their passion for what they do to the forefront of their performance. They are still very new to the music scene, but they play like they have been around for decades. Pröwess’ sound is backed by a group of men who embrace the stage with every ounce of talent and passion that they possess. The instrumentals make you feel upbeat and make you enjoy the moment. Bowes’ vocals only add to the feel good vibe that they reel you into. Pröwess and Wilted American Romance definitely make you feel the energy that a great rock n’ roll show should provide for its audience. I definitely can say that I experienced a very high quality show. I would relive that night all over again.