Electric Spotlight: Throwing Rocks at Girls

    Everyone has a story from their youth of the silly ways they showed they liked someone. Some would chase each other throughout recess, others would pass notes in class asking to check 'yes' or 'no.' Of course there was always that one kid (usually a boy) who would resort to throwing things, like rocks for example. 


   Throwing Rocks at Girls is a post hardcore/pop punk band with a sound resembling bands like Thrice and Story of the Year. The band is comprised of members Jake Earley (guitar/vocals), Korey Worth (guitar/vocals), Fat Tony (bass/vocals), and Steve Hatmaker (drums/vocals). This wasn't the original band name. For a short time the band went by Citadel, only to realize it was copyrighted by another band from the 70's. The next obvious choice was to be called 'Citadels,' and that stuck for a bit, but Tony and Steve had for a while liked the idea of one day having a band named 'Throwing Rocks at Girls.' The other guys were hesitant at first, afraid of coming off as misogynistic, but were won over once the deeper meaning behind it was explained. "It's the beginning of everything in a romantic and emotional life" explains Tony. Since all current TRAG songs were written as Citadels, they decided to pay homage by using it for their album name. 


   Even though each member is from a different city around central Ohio and they can't practice together as much as they'd like, you'd never know it from their stage presence. Constant smiles at each other, engagement of the crowd, and hair whipping and guitar spins that rival big name rock stars. "Off stage we're perfect gentlemen, but onstage it's all sex, drugs, and rock and roll." The next chance to see their stage debauchery is August 26th at the Alrosa Villa playing a show with the power houses of Grindhouse and Dread Engine. Be sure to follow them on all social media, listen to them on SoundCloud and iTunes, and keep your eyes peeled for their next album, a dark concept EP.

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"Many Parts, One Engine"

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